About Me

Pete Steve Ramsbottom is a 18-year-old teenager who enjoys social card games, painting and vandalising bus stops. He is kind and gentle, but can also be very dull and a bit stingy.

He is a Welsh Sikh who defines himself as straight. He is currently at school.

Physically, Pete is in good shape. He is average-height with olive skin, grey hair and brown eyes. He has a birthmark on his neck.

He grew up in an upper class neighbourhood. He was raised by his mother, his father having left when he was young.

Pete goes to Jordan College, where his favourite subjects are P.E., biology and sports science. He loves his teacher Mr Weaver but hates Miss Davis whose interests include handing out extra homework.

He is currently in a relationship with Lowri Sian Hughes. Lowri is the same age as him and works as a lab assistant.

Pete’s best friend is a teenager called Cai Walters. They get on well most of the time. He also hangs around with Gethin Pritchard and Ffion Owen. They enjoy attending gallaries together.